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Tips and Tricks for Tokyo Disneyland with Kids

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I have always loved Disneyland and I couldn’t wait to take Jude. This year felt like the perfect year! He is almost five years old so I knew that he would experience it’s magic entirely, and he’s  done a ton of flying in preparation for the long flight to Tokyo, Japan. We visited Paris earlier this year and he did such a wonderful job on the lengthy flight that I wasn’t worried about the flight to Tokyo at all. I figured that with my jobs wonderful benefits, what would be the fun of going to Disneyland in California when we could visit Japan and Disneyland for the first time together and knock off two bucket list items! 

Below I am going to go over the 6 major tips I learned to help you with your trip to Tokyo Disneyland with your kids! 

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Purchasing Tickets to the Park

As many of you know, I do all my flying on standby and my flight plans often change last minute. Because of this, I made the choice to purchase my tickets at the park rather than online. However if you’d like to purchase yours online, you can do so here. Ticket prices are the same online as they are in the park.  

Single Day

Adult $68 – Junior $59 – Child $44 – Senior $62

2 Day Passport 

Adult $121 – Junior $107 – Child $79 

3 Day 

Adult $164 – Junior $143 – Child $106

4 Day

Adult $206 – junior $179 – child $133

I don’t speak Japanese and yet it was so easy to purchase at the park, the employees were really helpful. The booth is just to the right side of the entrance into the park, so you can’t miss it. We did have to wait in line for about 25 minutes which was probably the worst thing about purchasing at the park. For those of you wondering, I was able to pay with my VISA CREDIT CARD, no issues there

Loppi Machine

One more method to purchasing park tickets is a Loppi machine. What are these you may ask? They are these small, red atm-like machines that you can purchase tickets at for many attractions in Tokyo. You will find them in the Lawson stores that are all over Tokyo. To purchase, you just select the ticket you are wanting, put in the cash or the credit card you want to pay with and it will print out tickets for you. The one downside that I ran into, our hotel had one of these machines and for the life of me I could not figure out how to change the language to English. I don’t know if this is the same for all Loppi machines or if I just got lucky.. Haha!

Renting a stroller in Tokyo Disneyland is so easy and inexpensive, and 100% worth it in my opinion. It cost only 1,000 YEN a day, about $10 USD. If you’re worried about having to sit out on riding rides so that you can watch the stroller, fear not.. All over the park there are places where people have collectively lined their strollers up to wait while they stand in line and ride the rides. Everyone had left their stuff on the strollers, we followed suit and none of it was ever touched or moved. It felt really safe!

disneyland measurements

Height Requirements

Before you get worried about this, know that our four year olds were tall enough to ride EVERY ride in Tokyo Disneyland. To get your child measured, go up to one of the rides (listed below) that you would like to ride and visit the attendant at the entrance. They will have a metal pole that they will stand next to your child to assure they are of the proper height. If they are, the attendant will put a colored wristband on your child. This way, you can visit that ride and of the rides that are of the same height requirement without having to see another attendant.  

wristband for height requirements

-Rides with a specific height requirement-

Over 90 cm (3 feet): 

・Splash Mountain

・Gadget’s Go Coaster


Over 102 cm (4 feet):

・Big Thunder Mountain

・Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

・Space Mountain


Food Places/What to Eat

Disneyland is known for their FUN themed meals. The number one SNACK is most definitely the flavored popcorn  all over the park. You can purchase a disney shaped popcorn bucket for around $15USD and then fill it up at the popcorn station for about $2.5USD. You will find flavors like Chocolate, Curry, Honey, Blueberry, Carmel, and of course just Salt and Pepper. 

As for MEALS, I was pretty surprised to see so much fried food in Tokyo! The most memorable meal for me in Disneyland was in Tomorrowland at Plazma Ray’s Diner. Not memorable in a good way! Haha, but I think I just chose very wrong. I got the the chilled Udon and it sure gave me chills. My son did get this adorable mickey shaped chicken burger and it had a teriyaki taste, it was pretty yummy and I’d recommend getting that if you end up here. We also visited the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Westernland and they had curry rice options, budget friendly and a kids menu. My son loved the food here and so did I! If neither of these sounds good to you, check out this list of the restaurants!

Mmmm TREATS! We got the mickey shaped fruit pops, mickey shaped ice cream sandwiches, and the mickey shaped churros. All were pretty good but nothing to die for. I liked the ice cream sandwiches the best! The churro we got in Tomorrowland was covered in this blue/green sugar mixture that ended up being pretty sour and the churro itself was really sweet. It tasted similar to a fruity cereal. All of the treats were between 100-300Y ($1 to $3 USD) so really affordable! 

Star Tours disneyland tokyo

Our Favorite/Must try Rides

So if you have been to Disneyland in the US you will find some familiar classics with a bit of a twist, some rides like “It’s a small world” “Pirates of the Carribbean” “Haunted Mansion” “Splash Mountain” and “Star Tours” but don’t be fooled, they are a little different and so much fun to experience. Be prepared that all of the rides are in Japanese, but the kids didn’t mind and we found it to be a fun experience. Rides that were new to me and were a huge hit to the kids were “Peter Pan’s Flight” “Pooh’s Honey Hunt” (OMG whatever you do, don’t miss out on this ride!!) and “Monsters, Inc. Ride and Go Seek” Overall, so much to see and do! You will never be bored! 

Lines/Fast Passes

Something you see often when looking up information about Tokyo Disneyland is how lengthy the lines are! We visited the park on a Wednesday and we actually did not experience any outrageous lines. I think the highest wait time we saw was around 45-55min which I believe to be pretty typical wait times for theme parks. However, if you’d like, you can get a Fastpass to assure you get to all the rides you want to make sure to hit! This is how the Fastpasses work. 

  1. You have to make sure the ride is a “Fastpass” ride and go to the Fastpass station near the ride. 
  2. You will need to scan your parkpass for EVERY fastpass ticket that you’d like to get
  3. On the ticket it will give you a time period to come back to the ride. For example “10am-11am”
  4. It will also give you another time. This time is when you can get ANOTHER fastpass. Not just for this ride, but for any ride. So you can usually only get a fastpass about every two hours, so choose which rides you want a fastpass to wisely! 
  5. Show up in your ride time period and present your fastpass to the attendant, you will get taken to a special fastpass line!

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