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Rock Climbing In Puerto Rico

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At home in Southern Utah, one of my favorite things to do is rock climb. We have some amazing climbing here! As a traveler, I enjoy finding something adventurous to do in the new destinations that I visit. When I first started researching about Puerto Rico, I discovered that it has beautiful climbing all over the island. I knew this was something we would have to experience while we were there, so we figured out all the details and decided to pack our climbing gear into one of the two carry on bags that we’d be bringing with us.

If you also love to climb, or if it’s something you have been wanting to try out, I suggest a visit over to beautiful Puerto Rico for some destination climbing!

Resources We Used

  • When we started doing research on the rock climbing in Puerto Rico we actually found it quite difficult to find much information. There was one website that seemed to have the most and best info and that was Mountain Project! On this website you can pick the climbing you want to do by area or by difficulty, it gives you the info you’ll need for rope length and necessary gear, and there may be some photos of the climb that you can check out before (however, I found that the photos didn’t do these beautiful areas much justice!)
  • Another good resource when coming to Puerto Rico to climb is Aventuras Tierra Adentro. They are a local climbing tour guide company, I contacted them on Facebook messenger and they were so willing to answer any questions I had about the gear I should bring and the best places for us to check out. They also sell these awesome $5.00 PDF guidebooks for the different climbing areas, which are an amazing resource for picking a correctly rated climb for your skill.

What Gear We Brought

  • As I always chose to do, we flew with only carry on bags to Puerto Rico. This was clearly going to be a little more difficult with all of the climbing gear we needed for two people, plus all of our clothing and other travel accessories we were bringing. We dedicated one of our two carry on bags to all of the climbing gear. Inside we fit a 60m rope, two harnesses, two pairs of shoes, 7 quickdraws, webbing, a chalk bag, a gri-gri, a figure eight, and some extra carabiners. Seriously, it all fit.. and I videoed it. That video will be coming out soon! 
  • In the near future I’ll be purchasing this backpack, and I am so excited to test it out. I think it would have made this little adventure much easier. It unzips completely open, such as a full sized suitcase, and you can access everything inside with ease.
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Where We Decided To Climb And Why

  • We only had three days in Puerto Rico and there was so much that we didn’t want to miss out on. We made the decision to rent a vehicle to get around easier, and in the hopes to get to multiple climbing spots. Unfortunately, even with the rental, we only made it to one spot, Nuevo Bayamon. It was not our first choice but it was close and had good reviews for sport climbing on Mountain Project.   There is not much in the area, but you will probably be pleasantly surprised, as we were, when  you make it into Parque Julio Enrique Monagas. It is just gorgeous, and the walk through the park to get to the wall was just as memorable as the climbing was. In fact, we took a couple detours just to explore the park more. There is a tower very close to the walls that you can walk up, and it has some beautiful views.

(Side note: we did look up Ubers here and at the time, they were about $18 usd one way from Old San Juan)

The climbing walls themselves were a beautiful limestone with plenty of holds, they sat below the canopy so it was shaded the entire time we were there, there was also plenty of space to belay comfortably and you will probably meet a curious little lizard or two.

  • The climbing that we really wanted to experience while in Puerto Rico was Roca Norte, and I would urge anyone traveling to Puerto Rico to climb here if you can. These walls are on private property so you have to call and set up a time with the home owners (the phone number is provided in the link above), but they seem to have created the most incredible experience for climbers. They open up their patio, you can purchase beer and drone photos from them, you can also rent gear and pay for belay service if you are traveling alone. 

Sadly we didn’t get to climb here, because the owners were on a climbing trip themselves to celebrate one of their birthdays. We did call them while we were in Puerto Rico and they gave us some tips on how to get to the walls we were looking for and what to expect when we got there. They also invited us back and celebrated that we were there climbing on their beautiful island. We will be coming back to Puerto Rico to experience this for sure!

We had such a blast climbing in new territory. Climbing on the limestone was such a treat, it was completely different from the sandstone and lava rock that we are used to climbing on. I would reach for a hold and a little plant would be growing inside, which I just absolutely loved seeing. 

Have you ever travelled to climb? If so, please comment and share with me because I need to do some more destination climbs! This was so much fun! 

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