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Hi Travelers!

This one is for the moms and dads. It is an AMAZING site that I found recently, and wished I had found much sooner! It is called BabyQuip!

For those of you who have travelled with toddlers/babies, you know just how much extra you have to pack! It gets exhausting to think about how you will transport your car seat and stroller and pack n play and that bouncer that puts your little one to sleep. How will you get all of that on the airplane? Or, how about if something comes back damaged! (This has happened to me!)  Or just how are you going to fit all of those things into the family vehicle along with all of your luggage?

Okay, so this is how it works! Just enter in your location, there are 300 destinations throughout the US and Canada. Select the items that you need to rent, and get it DELIVERED to you. At the airport, your airbnb, hotel, etc.

Think of this like airbnb but for kids gear! They have amazing options like kid carrier backpacks for your hiking/adventure travel, strollers and joggers for those that plan on doing some running or walking around the city, highchairs, pack n plays, car seats, toy packages, bouncers, and more!

It’s seriously BRILLIANT!

They have really amazing reviews that you can read here and the website is so easy to use! They have taken the stress OUT of traveling with kids! I love it!

Have you tried this service before? Do you think it’s as brilliant as I do? Leave me a comment below! Thanks travelers 🙂 

Check out one of my favorite family travel products!

I love to travel with this mifold when I travel with my son. It is so nice to have handy when I am jumping into an Uber or a taxi. It keeps him safe, it’s so simple to install, and it folds up so small that it hardly takes up any space in my luggage as opposed to a large booster seat. 

Hi Travelers, thank you for coming to my little piece of the internet. Lets see the world!

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